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Currently we have R5 Bodies and RF Lenses : 24-70 2.8 / 50 1.2 / 70-200 2.8 with more RF lenses to follow as we are mightly impressed by this Camera. All the existing L series Lenses ( which we stock) can be used by adaptor.

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All the brands scrolling above and more - We are constantly updating our rental stock. Download our Gear lists below - Don’t see what you are looking for? We will often have it and if not we will do our best to source it or suggest an alternative if suitable.


We pride ourselves on the breadth of our rental stock and our tenacity in getting unusual requests solved. So need a Hazer, Low Fog, Megaphone, Fake Ice Cubes or a Horse? Just Ask. (Hazers, Low Fog Machines, Megaphones & Ice Cubes are all in stock now - a horse will take a day).

Profoto (Strobe) Lighting List
Continuous Lighting List
Camera / Lens List


We are building a new intelligible Grip list right now….. this list is huge as we keep in stock an enormous range of solutions; so whatever you need please ask we have every Stand / Clamp / Smoke, Flow Fog, Hazing Machine / Turntable / Gel/ and and ……. it’s going to be a big list.


*Please read this… it could change your future.

Are we the cheapest? We think so when you add a little time into the equation. To explain let’s ask you a question - Are you the cheapest photographer in your town or speciality? Do you aspire to be the cheapest? Do you aim to market yourself as the cheapest? - if so you need to surround yourself with the cheapest suppliers and that will surely attract the cheapest customer - you will work with the cheapest Models, the cheapest Assistants, the cheapest Retoucher, the cheapest product Company, the cheapest Hair & Make-Up and the cheapest Rental House.

As a Photographer you are relied upon to come up with the goods every day - the complexity and load always varies but however big or small your team, when things go wrong there is nobody else to blame as you are at the top of that creative pyramid. However much fun is being had by the myriad of people on a shoot, there is always an end client with a goal and you are charged with delivery of a great result. You need quality people, gear, facilities and people around you to ensure you come up with the goods and attract and retain the quality clients. If lowest cost is your priority then you are likely to stay in the lowest fee part of the industry.

So in the short term, sometimes we may be a little more expensive than someone else (not always) - but running a real Rental House and Studio is not just about taking a Warehouse as a Studio, buying a little gear, cross renting a lot, staffing it with the cheapest people and undercutting your rivals. A real rental house has breadth and volume of stock, the ability to roll with changes as you or your client make creative changes, people who have real product knowledge, and can give advice and opinion from when asked for and answer their phones in an emergency - when it hits the fan we can usually help:) We help people build their careers, build and retain their client base and grow their fee structure. In short we add value to you, which makes us a great investment for you as we have invested in the facilities, gear and people that support people who aspire to be great or stay great. We can’t do that on the cheap - so if you aspire to be cheap then we probably don’t work for you, because we can’t afford too and keep our standards high. You are not buying sneakers online here - you are looking after a career. We are pride ourselves on building real long term relationships - our clients are not just business - we need support you as we like to work with those who have high standards.


We have the latest Max Spec MacBook Pros and the previous Max Spec versions if you don't need so much fire power and want to save a little on rental.

Plus i-Work Cases and Hyperjuice Batteries to keep everything safe and powered up for uninterrupted days of mains free shoot / edit time.

For your quote and special retes for long term rentals please drop us a mail or send a message in live chat for an instant response (or rapid reply if we are busy).



If you Email us your messages will not disappear into a black hole - you will get a reply quickly if sent during working hours or at the latest very rapidly as soon as we are back in.

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