The First Rule of SHOOT CLUB is no one talks about SHOOT CLUB…. actually it isn’t and Brad Pitt is in no way involved with SHOOT CLUB. However the first thing to know about SHOOT CLUB is that it isn’t another cynical rewards scheme that buys your loyalty but only redeemable on Tuesdays in June on a Leap Year by Brunettes who are under 130cm Height. This is our genuine attempt to reward your loyalty and build a better, more supportive and engaged Photographic Community.

We are trying to maintain and improve our service all the time by respecting the fact that that your end client is also ours; this means by default we are in a partnership and both servicing the end client; so let’s work together! We want to reward your loyalty and your prompt payments with POINTS to use against Rentals, Discounted Services , Gear Packages and Studio Upgrades etc.

Photographers often live a fairly secluded life and we think we should all get together once in a while, in the past it’s been fun but all too rare. The worst that can happen is we can share some details of clients to stay away from, talk gear and share some usually hilarious stories of past failures that are finally not too painful to talk about:) - the Loyal amongst you will be invited to an occasional meet up in a Hotel with Drinks and Nosh; with no selling from us and no slide shows but an opportunity to have a brief discussion about anything anyone wants to bring up followed by some camaraderie in an oft lonely business and those stories!


1. SHOOT CLUB Credits are only awarded against invoices that are settled within the prior agreed payment term (cash/credit) calculated from the Invoice date with a buffer of an additional 4 Days to allow processing time for cheque and bank transfer payments. After the buffer period under no circumstances can points be awarded to your account. Credit accounts are by invitation only based on individual agreed terms.

2. SHOOT CLUB Credits are awarded against spends (Excluding VAT & Insurance) on Studio & Equipment Rental only (Not Retail Purchases or Manpower).

3. SHOOT CLUB Credits can be used to settle part or all of invoiced values of good & services provided by HotCold Studio in the Reward Denominations available (AED100 / 300 / 500 / 1000 / 3000 / 5000 / 10000)

4. SHOOT CLUB Credits cannot be awarded in conjunction with any other Discounts, Promotions or Payment Arrangements that have been agreed upon with HotCold Studio.

5. HotCold Studio reserves the right under extraordinary circumstances (for example in the event of an error in calculating or allotting the correct amount of points) to adjust the balance of Credits in an account.

6. If you have outstanding invoices then any SHOOT CLUB Credits earned will be deducted from your outstanding amounts first.

7. SHOOT CLUB Credits are valid for 365 days from Issue Date.

8. Credit Accounts are by invitation only.

9. HotCold Studio are not responsible for monitoring who in your company is authorised to redeem points - please do not share your account details with anyone who is not authorised to redeem points.

10. HotCold Studio reserves the right to withdraw membership and account status with immediate effect and without notice or reason should HotCold Studio deem such action necessary.

We are open Sun - Thu 0800 - 1900 / Sat 0800 - 1800 (although often later and on Friday if Studios are booked).

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